At Global Jet International, we understand what discerning aircraft owners want and demand from their aviation experience. A cost-effective aircraft providing maximum flexibility can only be achieved through a bespoke Global Jet International Aircraft Management Program. Let us provide you with a turn-key solution or if you already have some people or systems in place, then let us join your journey and improve your experience by utilising specific parts of our program.

Australian Business Aviation Association

Global Jet International is a proud member of the Australian Business Aviation Association (ABAA) and the Asia Business Aviation (AsBAA) contributing and collaborating to industry leaders to improve aviation within the region.

Unwavering Commitment To Safety

Global Jet International is recognised for its unwavering commitment to safety, evidenced by its multiple approvals and its long-term approvals as an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) member.


There are many procedures which occur pre-flight, during the flight and post-flight. Some are regulatory requirements, others are owner specific and some are simply the best way to follow procedure. Usually, the Global Jet International way is optimum.

Our team becomes your team, so we expect you to contact us whenever you have a “can we fly here?”

Departure time or arrival time at destination.
How many guests will be accompanying you?
Any special requirements?

With this basic information, the Global Jet International team will:

Provide you with an accurate quote for the trip. We will offer alternatives which may reduce the cost of the trip
(i.e. stop strategy or changing times to ensure flying during off peak periods).

Through our brokering network, we can reduce your operating costs by selling empty legs or chartering your plane in between your flights.
This is using Global Jet International Air Operator Certificate.

Leader in Asia Pacific Aviation

Global Jet International has operated in the Asia Pacific region for 14+ years. We continue to develop strong relationships and lead the aviation industry in aircraft management, FBO management and customer service excellence.

All Set?

Once you have confirmed your trip, Global Jet International will carry out the following procedures to ensure your flight is productive and efficient.

Conduct a safety risk analysis of the proposed flight.  All identified hazards shall be managed and controlled to the as low as reasonably practicable.

Schedule Crew for your trip.  We will ensure that they have had recent training, practice (called approach and flying recency), meet the insurance requirements and have the necessary experience to fly the aircraft to the region/areas you are scheduled.

Arrange handling with a reputable Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Clients who are departing or arriving to a location that is serviced by Platinum BAC (sister company of Global Jet International) shall enjoy discounts only afforded to Global Jet International clients.  If at a location that doesn’t conduct handling, then Global Jet International will arrange parking permits with the relevant airport authority.

Use Global Jet International extensive fuel network to arrange, and in some cases pre-purchase fuel at competitive rates. Again, clients who are departing or arriving to a location that is serviced by Platinum BAC shall enjoy fuel discounts.

Apply for all necessary permits required to conduct the flight. These permits require slots for departure and arrival (i.e. Sydney Slots), overfly permits when flying, customs and quarantine off-site clearance (international flights).

Ensure that all Transport Security Program (Regulatory Requirement) are met by crew and passengers.

Ensure that your aircraft will not require any maintenance during this flight, and if so, the maintenance can be completed at one of the destinations cost effectively, or when permissible, the maintenance extended until after your trip.

Make any ground transportation or hotel accommodation arrangements for yourself, your guests or the crew as required. 


On the day of your departure, Global Jet International will carry out the following procedures.

Track crew & guest arrival timings and adjust services to ensure congruency.

Track the aircraft flight progress and adjust arrival services (i.e. FBO and ground transportation). 


After your flight, Global Jet International will carry out the following, providing you piece of mind.

Ensure that the aircraft status is ready for your next trip.

Ensure that any information that needs to be communicated to a maintenance schedule or maintenance controller is completed (in accordance with MOM, Ops Manual or other regulatory document). 

Conduct appropriate client experience reviews so that your preferences for future flights are updated and actioned.


Recognised for its high levels of safety and quality, Global Jet International Safety Management systems and Quality Management Systems are approved by ICAO States worldwide (i.e. CASA) and endorsed by independent accreditation bodies (i.e. IS-BAO).

Global Jet International systems are audited internally and externally several times a year to ensure that we continually lead the industry with business/safety evolution.  This proactive approach has made Global Jet International the subject matter experts in corporate aviation safety, enabling us to assist aircraft owners in managing all commercial and aviation operating risks. We want you to be risk aware so that we can collaborate and make safe, cost-effective decisions. We will always provide the best outcome for your circumstances aligned with our expert opinion. 

Airworthiness Management

Global Jet International provides you with comprehensive maintenance management to ensure your aircraft airworthiness is at the highest level. Our expert Maintenance Controllers (CASA Approved) will carry out the following tasks.

Develop, revise, and control a maintenance program.

Proactively analyse all data relating to maintenance to ensure proactive reliability monitoring.

Plan and co-ordinate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in accordance with the maintenance program.

Shall assess, implement, and control all existing and new Airworthiness Directives (Ads) and Service Bulletins (SB)s related.

Ensure that all Aircraft Technical logs, maintenance, and technical records are accurate and compliant.

Manage any repairs or modifications.

Manage any Aircraft on Ground (AOG) or situations of aircraft defects .

Oversee Pre-Purchasing Inspections (PPI).

Oversee import/export of aircraft to and from any regulatory aircraft register you require.

Complete Administrative and Finance Support

At Global Jet International we understand that aviation charges and costs can be difficult to decipher. Operating an aircraft internationally can be a frustrating experience when you receive bills (i.e. airways fees) for a trip conducted several months ago. This is a common occurrence; however, you can reduce the complexity by entrusting our team to decipher aviation costs and charges related to your aircraft operation.  

Let us use our expertise to provide you with accurate quotes for your upcoming trips. This will enable us to track your costs and allocate your payments correctly, giving you a true indication of budget performance.  

On a monthly basis, our team will deliver you reporting data on:

Hours flown (i.e. charter vs private per month).

Sectors flown.

Passenger names.

Fixed and Variable operational costs:

  • Handling
  • Catering
  • Hotels
  • Crew Expenses
  • Fuel Uplift
  • Third Party Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Management Fees

Let us decipher, track, analyse and deliver you the information so that you may carry out proactive and informed decisions on your aircraft.

Access to Discounts on Fuel and Insurance

Global Jet International’s extensive fleet of aircraft utilises GJI’s fuel cards to secure fuel at discounted pricing, with the savings passed directly onto our clients to reduce operating costs significantly. Furthermore, GJI’s extensive fleet of aircraft provides the ability to source competitive insurance premiums at discounted rates.



For those new to aircraft ownership, we offer complete acquisition services, enabling seamless integration of your new aircraft into our management systems and processes.



Our staff are located all over the world, so wherever you are, we have someone who can’t wait to meet you. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, charter or just need some advice, we’re ready to help.

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